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Decoration Now will start :

The foam blow up after one day and become dry  and ready to shape 
as mentioned before in the corner vivariums .. 
using knife , heatgun to cut the foam to shape the texture that you want andd carve the holes for the caves inlets .. 

Another layer of foam will be added  between the grooves of the rocks and I add two pots for dry arid environment plants ..

Natural rock will definitely polluted by cement .. 
You can clean it by clean brush with water only .. swipe gentelly on the rocks to get rid of cement ..

There is two lighting hoods fabricated from the wood and one for the UV light and other one for the heat emitter light .. 
These reptiles LOVE heat ..

Only cement with Yallow color ( Cement color ) used no potting soil .. 

Brush is used to swip or pait the cement with a little water ..

Keep the cement wet and don't let it dry if it is dry after one hour you can spred some water on it by brushes .. Then distribute or throw sand directly on it .. and keep it dry for one day .. 

I really shocked about the last photos and don't believe myself that I make something similar to What I saw in the zoo and reptile parks . ... !!!  :-O 

Dead thistle plant ..

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