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The lower Tank .. 

Below is a stem with pots I make it before years for the aquarium .. i have I will Re use it again .. 

The lower tank will be for my blue tongue skinks  .. which I purchased and in thr temporary  aquarium until I finish thier home ..
The idea of this vivarium will be low ground forest inpired and with small waterfall for drinking  ..
Here I use the aquarium roots ..
I purchase it from Ebay Please click here ..
Also .. I used a pots that used in my very old paludarium ..
Also some part of the vivarium will be raise up for basking .

The items purchased from E bay above and recieved ..

The Hydrostone deployed on the liner as abase .. 

The small waterfall and the flexible pipe for discharge , Also the wire will be through sleeve ( Pipe) for better maintenance ( replacement ) Also I will use small aquarium pump .. with strainer ..

Here is wood board below or shorter the external one which will carry the rail ..

The soil and the pots and get everthing ready for foam ..


Discharge pipe .. 

Pump Wire sleeve ( Pipe) 

Vacuum cleaner is important to clean  :-)   :- O  

Foam is applied 

Now shaping , finishing ..
Apply cement like other previous projects ..
The brown color will be standard ..


Above : the wood for the sliding glass is protected from cement ..

After shaping and cleaning the roots .. then plants tak it is places ..

Discharge pipe 

Canister for filter   ..


You can add more natural looking to the vivarium by add bare root plants , dead plants and loose leaves on the ground ..

Sliding windows : I used acrylic clear sheet as window for it 's flexibality as plastic instead of glass .. two sliding rail  needed one in the top and other one in the bottom .. you can hide it by add piece of wood shorter than the external one ..
There is several choices like  aluminium or plastic - it seems to me  that the plastic one is better ..

Final pictures of work .. 

The upper rail can be hideen by cement and brown color .. 

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