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Project Two : Clothes cabinet to vivarius project

Back to 2013 I convert my clothes cabinet to a vivarium and put the details in Instructables at that time ..

Now I find another  clothes cabinet  near the trash container ! 
I saw it and I decide to take to my flat and start working on it to be a home of my day geckos .. 

below is the story of that : 

Structure :


First of all must be cleaned very well .. Then study it  .. take measurments and decided what you want to do ..

Put in your consideration the following : 

1- Lighting ..


3- Heating 

4- Ventilation .

5- Animal requirement .. 

I see and I decided to be with two visible areas ( Which mean like a partition with two viewing sides as an acrylic or glass sheet  )  ..


Due to the limited  height .. The light bulp should be inside the vivarium 
the lower space of level should well  air inlet   and then cold air will come while the higher level will be hot because it is near ton the light ..

Above is the original photos for the cabinet .. will clean very well and start working on it ..

Now I will add pieces or boards of wood with equal dimensions to divide the cabinet into 4 equal vivariums 
I will add 4 voids  .. Later I discover it is useless  !

Don't forget to apply some silicon around the drain bulk head .. After one day protect the drain ..

Wood board to hold the base and the soil 

Four Vivariums 

Drain : We need here four drains and to be connected with pipes to below :

Above is the hole cutted in the liner for the drain 

As I mentioned before there is no lighting in the void like the other projects ..

Then I Think I can hide all the drain pipe with foam and the sprinklers can be mount  also and then delete the void and add more space .. this is may be wrong in design 

Glue used and also silicon to seal the corners and the new wood added just   For more strength ..

This man is reptiles addicted Do not trust him .. .. !!

The drains in the void always completed .. 

The drain pipe is open here in the bottom .. be sure to test it by put some water in it .. 

Also the plastic pipes used is a UPVC pipes half inch size with fittings and can be found in any hardware suuples shop , The glue used called UPVC cement .. 

Beginner Tutorial Cut and Assemble PVC Pipe

Liner : Now the next step is the lining .. Cut into pieces and applied using tape and glue ..

I use Angles to join the wood or direct screws with screw driver .. it is simple and cheap .. you csn find these angles in any workshop or hardware retails .. 

Tip ! 

Tip ! 

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