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Project One  : Corner Vivariums  


  Three vivariums take it's place in the corner of my micro zoocombined all in one structure ..  here the detailes :


PART ONE : Structure 

 Now We will cut the patition to let the light in -- Follow below -- 

1- First of all let us see and measure the corner , Actually I can make the vivarium as big as I want , But I select to be 1000mm or 1 meter size ..

Which mean I measure every corner is 1 meter then the width will be 40 cm you can make one corner 40 cm and the other ore or less as you want .. 

My table saw .. It is Chinese brand - I think JZX - but very good working .. 

2- then I cut the wood borads  ( which I ordered to be 1 meter x 1 meter ) by using my table saw , I leave 40 cm from every corner and cut like tringles :

3- Then I strat to fix and attached using any wall to stand and support the heavy tall back wood -- Don't be in hurrey just watch and you will learn what I mean :-) 


using angles and wood screws ..

4- My screw driver , My hero in all my project , I allways respect you never let me down :-o

5- Insert all other cutted square boards between the two tall boards .

As I mentioned before the width is 40 cm and then the length of these two boards will be 2 meters ..

Also the back of the vivariums will be 2 meters length by 1 meter width . 



8-Above the other shelves or partitions : the lighting will be inside compartment width 10 com . Can also give heat for the above enclosure ..

The 1 meter  by 1 meter which is cutted 

The two back boards - Very big-  2 meter length by 1 meter width 

The two sides of 40 cm by 2 meter length  

My srew driver sleeping ... :-) after tired job !

6-Because the reptile species behave differently, I will divide this massive heavy structure made of MDF wood into an uneven section to give me some flexibility to inhabit  some different types of reptiles from tree species to ground  dwelling types  .. 

7-I use different types of supports to put the wood on , before secrew them .. take measurement carfully must be equal from all hights and sides  ..

Me completely dusted .. :-) 

9-The jig saw will be used : it is better to cut the wood before it is inserted and fixed by screws .. 

Above and below the wood is cutted for the light to come in .. 

Below some pics for the cutting battle .. really hard work .. 

10-The drain to fixed and need to make three holes , I used the hole saw and the drill as shown below 

The drain ( bulk head ) is ordered from Mist King )


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