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8- Tanks: Now I will make the tanks , I used a sheet of Poly propylene Foam to put the Acrylic Sheet on it and get rid of the laminated paper of the Acrylic Sheet ( but just the corners and upper , lower ages) .. To install the sheet we need UV Light , I bought some of them from Dragon Mall , Also an applicator which can be used to put the adhesive ( Acryfix 192 ) firstly I used a type of syringe , then I used normal syringe , be sure that the sheet and areas which will be guled very clean try to not make any bubbles and tight the sheet together by masking tape .. my problem is with applicator which I cannot reach some corner also I cannot get rid of the bubbles in all the time , the acryfix need you to work speedily in several second need to put the sheet with another one , no time to make mistakes .. So prepare anything , concentrate on the work and put in your mind any dimensions required , this adhesive have a strong smell , not good with direct contact with eyes and nose , very ,very strong , because it is based on reaction between the acrylic sheet .. Need 30 minutes on fluorescent light focused directly to the spot of glued areas , or 15 to 20 minutes of UV light , But don’t touch or move or work with it till 3 hours .. and because I don’t have time only one to two hours per day , I put sheet by sheet every day which take longer time from me .. I work on my studio flat and aerated the space well for the smell of the adhesive.. , I need to imagine every sheet place and position in the tank and the frame or the stand .. 
Another problem was a good support with can handle or catch the sheet for accurate position of the sheet without any slope .. I used what I have , Chair , Cabinet , Nearest wall and masking tape to tie or support the sheet .. 
Then I put the Euro bracing in the bottom and in the top of the tank ( All pieces measures by me and cut / Purchase from Accurate Acrylic with very good services from them , also the ages must be sanded and clear after cutting ..

 Marine Aquariums :


This project take several months from me to do it .. i was back to 2014 When I decided to built my marine aquariums and connect two salt water tank with one sump pump So I refer to it as 2M+1S 


Here you will find details about this project: 


    Here I will explained my project :
1- Over the last three months I worked hard on My project of 2 reef aquariums connected with one sump , Due to the limited time I have( Approximately 4 to 5 hours per week ) because of my job commitments .
I name my project a 2M+1S which is refer to two marine aquariums with one sump. Actually I am living in Studio and don’t have the enough space for my dream aquariums and terrariums also I see that there are a lot of space vertically, and not used.
2- The Stand: The stand which hold all the three tank will 3 stages or three multi stories manufacturer from pre fabricated steel, yes I know it will be rust, But I will try to cure or treat it and make the required maintenance through the time , and I will used the white color as a base color for stand doors and frames or any other materials used .. Here Some photos for the stand.

3-The Idea : Firstly I decided to make a three or four nano reef but connected with one sump but after ZEKKAKI made his tank from Acrylic , He or she inspired me to purchase an acrylic sheet after some discussion and letters between me and zekkaki through MASUAE website ,and also review the internet and the proper adhesive for Acrylic sheet and the thickness required for the aquarium , I decided to switch to Acrylic Aquariums and to make larger aquariums and also to know more about this new world of Acrylic ..

4- The Acrylic Sheet : I ordered from Accurate Acrylic ( Workshop in Al Quoz Industrial Area )different sheets with cutting and sanding the ages before that I contacted with other pet shop to get the good price I order from Blue Rhine the Adhesive ( ACRYFIX 192 from Evonic ) , this is not my first time to deal with Acrylic sheets , previously I order from Accurate Acrylic also acrylic sheet for my terrariums and vivariums ( You can see it in some photos behind the aquariums .. 
Off course you need to measure the exact dimensions of the sheets of each aquarium, below the details Total cost 4000 AED , Acryfix 192 : 245 AED 
Main Two Tanks ( All thickness is 12 mm) 
1150x450x 4 pieces
1150x660x2 pieces
Sump ( All thickness 10 mm ) 
750x450x2 pieces 
750x660x1 pieces 
636x450x2 pieces 
Frame or Euro brazing ( thickness 12 mm ) 
1126x30x8 pieces 
636x30x8 pieces 
Sheet for sump’s baffles 
1000x750 x1 pieces (thickness 4 mm ) 


5- Let’s Work : I started cutting and fixing by adhesive , the first think I need to do , cutting the holes for drain , I would cut three holes for drain of 1 Inch size , two of them will be on duty and one standby , the level of the water in the top of the tank will be limited to this holes and also I need to take in my consideration the euro bracing around the tank and the visibility of these pipe fittings , also the spare or the stand by fitting which will be up elbow .. in the next steps you will know what I mean here ..

I have Some experience in this type of stands before and I did it in the time when I am in my home country Iraq or here in Dubai.. 
It can carry good weights..

6- The tools : I used my driller ( Bosch ) with cutting holes attachments , also Dremel ( small powerful tool) and other hand tools ..

7- The first hole – first problem: I did before several holes in acrylic put this time the sheet is thicker, I don’t recognize the length of the tool and I don’t pay attention for the ground below, I put the cutting saw tool in the driller and I cut the first hole the driller stuck in something I turned off to try to discover the problem put after that the acrylic sheet freezed and rebuilt on ! and I cannot remove the tool !? , I try, try and try , Even the driller get some smoke .. !! 
The problem is that the tool hit the ground and my mistake to stop the driller , It is plastic and specially the acrylic melt in lower degree than other type of plastic ..
To solve the problem I need to reheat the Acrylic to the limit of melt but not affect the shape of sheet , I used Candle and lighter to reheat the spot , with several time , I pass !! .. 
Then I take care, Put Some attention and bring another tool to open holes..
The another hole which will be half Inch for water supply from return pump also will be one n the bottom.. It will be good for two each tank in case of anyone get stucked or closed for any reason , but this idea come to my mind late ..

cutting holes and drill used ..



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