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PROJECT Three : Themed stands or racks :

Project 1 :

Artificial stands and racks for vivariums and aquariums are bad looking , industrial themed but not  match with inside vivariums .. which completely natural or tropical ..
It is looks like something must be change  .. ;-) 

It is simple but worth to try it .. 

The idea is cover the stand  with cement and color it by brown cement color ..
Taking in your consideration the following :


1- Metal are smooth and cement will slip and never catch .. So use maskin tape and cover the stand So the surface will be rough - Then the cement will remain attached on the surface ..


2- Use cement only without  color or potting soil .


3- Then use the brown color and brush and then paint on the cement ..


4- You can insert somw woods stems in the rack for more natural effects .. 


5- Never forget to take the dimensions of the aquarium or the vivarium  and measure the size of the space  inside the holder of the aquariums  and must pay attention to the fact that the cement on the side of the holder or the rack to fall too much and then will face difficulty in entering the aquarium  and this is happen with me.
If this happens with you ..  you can break a piece of cement by using the hammer so that the aquarium  can stabilize inside the rack properly and evenly.

Maskin Tape 

Cement color : come as a powder in small packes with different colors 

The stand is totally covered with cement .. it is white store racks but I use it before to carry the vivariums until I decided to make it Tropical ;-)

It is like this one before ..

No need to cover this area because it is carry the ligthing hood which contain some bolts will need to open for any reason ( replace , change .. etc. ) 

Don't forget to put some Pad for the heavy glass aquariums or vivariums ..

Wires of the lighting hoods 

Some woods as a tree .. :-) 

Even the  Drain pipes I color it Brown to hide it ..

I put some roots or stems collected from surround nature and fix it by cable tight .. 

I color the border of the aquarium with some paint to let the view looks like one part ..

SERA brand for the lighting hood will be appear  :-) 

The middle tank will be added after some  modifications..

Mist King sprinklers for the lower tank ..

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