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Table top Tortoises vivarium ..

This idea come to me when I saw An Advertiesement in reptiles magazine called ( Practical reptiles keeping )  from the UK ..

Tn this advertisment the vivarium called ( THE VIVIDARIUM TORTOISE HOME ) they used a hanged  lighting with open roof .. I liked  the idea and I have some tortoises ( Indian Tortoises ) .. so I decided to made one similar .. 

Lighting :  The lighting bulbs will be hinged types by PVC half inch pipes with fittings .. All wires will be run through the pipes it self ..


then I colored the pipes by Cement Brown color only ..


Two lighting hoods will be used one for the UV light and one for the Heat / Baskin Light .. 

7- Table top Tortoises vivarium  


Waste wood and new wood that is remain from the other projects .. 

Dust every where  ! cutting wood ..

My Foot !?? 

The sliding track here will be used to fix the front glass sheet .. not as a door or sliding windows .. 

Supports from wood and screws , Angles and screws 

Cover the track to protect it from any glue or cement .. 

Liner will be apply ..


Also some used wood from IKEA ?! Sultan or something I found it near the Trash bin .. ? 

Let's start :

Structure : 

Base : without drain hole 

Back  sheet 

Decoration : 


Very simple decor for the tank will be used with small cave ..

The vivarium is for small indian tortoises , when they become big the tank will be replaced  and the tortoises will be shifted to other tank .. 

 Polystyrene sheet will be attached all around the tank and supported to avoid the excessive expansion  of the foam .. 

 Cave to hide 

Clear window  is installed .. in the front 

Decoration is from  plants dead stems and branches  ..

UV light hood 

Heat lamp Hood 

For more Information about these tropical frames or stands Please Click here And click here 

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