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The young bulls D. tinctorius 'Regina' - all pictures Martin Haberkern

9- Regina : 

D.tinc. 'Regina' (Image: Urban Vikenborg)

large morph with a KRL of up to 60 mm


is located in the east of the small town 'Regina'.


This morph is very variable drawn and colored. Some animals are yellow, others rather orange. The abdomen can contain very much blue to none, as well as some animals have deep blue hind legs, some light blue and in turn others only yellow. In the US, there is a distinction between 'Regina' and 'Giant Orange', but the opinion in Europe is that it is one and the same morph. 


Apparently, the first 'Regina' arrived in Europe in 1991, and in 1992 Ruud Schouten succeeded in winning the 2nd. Group in Europe. Since the offspring had never had the beautiful yellow color, but rather appeared pale, he gave it away.  


Pictures from the biotope of Harald Divossen

Pictures of my Regina: huge male, fighting male, calling male (all pictures: Martin Haberkern)

10- Saul :

D.tinc. 'Saul' (Photo: Urban Vikenborg)

medium to large morph


For a long time only animals were known with a yellow back, often with a clear or blurred black spot. When animals emerged in the 90s with a larger black content, the opinion that around the small village of Saül 4 isolated populations D.tinctorius occur with differently sized black parts. 


In fact, it is a larger contiguous population in which the variability of the animals is very high. Stubbornly, however, some consider that the majority of yellow frogs ('normal saul') are isolated from black ones ('black saul') and even a separate area with so-called 'lemon drop' on the black body only yellow dots can be seen.


From my Saul with yellow back again and again also with those with yellow back also young animals with high black proportion and rarely also those, which have only yellow points or spots on black body - and of the pair with high Schwarzanteil I receive also young animals with large Gelbanteil at the back ,


all images: Martin Haberkern

11- Trois Pitons : 

D.tinc. 'Trois Pitons' (Picture: Jan van der Meulen)

Pictures from the habitat of 'Trois Pitons' by Jan van der Meulen



 South America Dart Frogs -  Species 


Dendrobatidae :

Aromobatidae :

Madagascar Dart frogs


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