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Awesome Auratus Dart Frogs

Poison dart frogs - Dendrobates auratus

Finding Dendrobates auratus in Costa Rica © Guy Tansley

Dendrobates auratus (Green and black poison dart frog)

Dendrobates Auratus final tank

-  Care & vivariums : 

-  Calls breeding and tadpoles care :

DIY: How to make a paludarium/vivarium for dart frogs with waterfall!

Paludarium update - 4 months progress

Feeding fruit flies to dart frogs in my frog room on feeding night! (Auratus, Tincs, and Terribilis)

Dendrobates Auratus - Feeding Frog

Epic Rainforest Paludarium/Vivarium/Terrarium Setup

How to create a Bioactive Paludarium terrarium featuring SuperGrow as new way to landscape.

Green and Black Poison Dart Frog (Dendrobates auratus) - Dominical, Costa Rica

Dendrobate Auratus El Cope

Green and Black Poison Dart Frogs Feeding

Dendrobates auratus vivarium 

Dendrobates Auratus vivarium

Exo Terra Movie - Dendrobates Auratus

Foggy Vivarium with Dendrobates auratus

Dendrobates auratus "Panama" breeding

Costa Rican D. auratus mating behavior

Dendrobates auratus tadpoles

D auratus tadpole aggression

Dendrobates auratus calling

Dendrobates Auratus Super Blue Calling and other typical breeding behavior

Dendrobates Auratus "Nicaraguan" tadpoles 10/10/15


Posion Dart Frog's Tadpole/ Grow Out Tank.

Frog Room. Auratus tadpole found. Matecho tinc

 South America Dart Frogs -  Species 


Dendrobatidae :

Aromobatidae :

Madagascar Dart frogs


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