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Andinobates is a genus of poison dart frogs from Ecuador, Colombia and Panama.[2] It contains species formerly classified in the genus Dendrobates and in 2006 transferred to the genus Ranitomeya. In 2011 Twomey, Brown, and their colleagues erected the genus Andinobates for a group of 12 species of Ranitomeya. Andinobates frogs can be distinguished from their sister taxon Ranitomeya anatomically in that their 2nd and 3rd vertebrae are fused. They show no limb reticulation, which is present in most species of Ranitomeya. [1]


Andinobates bombetes

Scientific classification :







Twomey, Brown, Amézquita, and Mejía-Vargas, 2011[1]

Type species

Dendrobates bombetes
Myers and Daly, 1980

Species : 14 

Distribution :


Andinobates inhabits the rainforests of Ecuador, Colombia, and Panama,[2] whereas Ranitomeya is only found in the Amazonian basin.[1]








Species :


Andinobates primarily contained 12 species formerly classified in the genus Ranitomeya. In 2013 Andinobates cassidyhornae, another species from the Andes of Colombia has been described.[3] In 2014 another new species, Andinobates geminisae, was discovered in Panama.[4] This brings the current total to 14 species:[2]

  • Andinobates abditus (Myers and Daly, 1976)

  • Andinobates altobueyensis (Silverstone, 1975)

  • Andinobates bombetes (Myers and Daly, 1980)

  • Andinobates cassidyhornae (Amézquita et al., 2013)

  • Andinobates claudiae (Jungfer, Lötters, and Jörgens, 2000)

  • Andinobates daleswansoni (Rueda-Almonacid, Rada, Sánchez-Pacheco, Velásquez-Álvarez, and Quevedo-Gil, 2006)

  • Andinobates dorisswansonae (Rueda-Almonacid, Rada, Sánchez-Pacheco, Velásquez-Álvarez, and Quevedo-Gil, 2006)

  • Andinobates fulguritus (Silverstone, 1975)

  • Andinobates geminisae (Batista et al., 2014)

  • Andinobates minutus (Shreve, 1935)

  • Andinobates opisthomelas (Boulenger, 1899)

  • Andinobates tolimensis (Bernal-Bautista, Luna-Mora, Gallego, and Quevedo-Gil, 2007)

  • Andinobates viridis (Myers and Daly, 1976)

  • Andinobates virolinensis (Ruiz-Carranza and Ramírez-Pinilla, 1992)

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Andean Poison Frog, Andinobates opisthomelas, Colombian Poison Frog, Ranas venenosas de colombia


Brown & Twomey et al., 2011

courtesy to   : /andinobates/

This genus was erected by Brown & Twomey et al. (2011) for species in the minuta group sensu Twomey & Brown (2008). This includes the most of the species belonging to Myers’ (1987) Minyobates minus steyermarki. In a sense, the description of Andinobates is a return to an older taxonomic convention, with the diminutive Andean species belonging to a genus distinct from the Amazonian Ranitomeya.


As far as is known, species in Andinobates have vertebrae 2 and 3 fused; a synapomorphy for the group. In addition, this genus can be diagnosed from its sister genus Ranitomeya by its lack of limb reticulation (limb reticulation present in most species of Ranitomeya). This genus is distributed throughout lower Central America, Chocoan Colombia, and the western slopes of the Colombian Andes. Andinobates abditus occurs on the eastern side of the Andes on the flank of Volcan Reventador in Ecuador; however, Almendariz et al (2012) suggest, on the basis of adult coloration and larval morphology, that A. abditus is most likely a member of Excidobates.


Species contained:


  • Andinobates abditusMyers and Daly, 1976

  • Andinobates altobueyensisSilverstone, 1975

  • Andinobates bombetes Myers and Daly, 1980

  • Andinobates cassidyhornaeAmezquita et al. 2013

  • Andinobates claudiae Jungfer et al., 2000

  • Andinobates dalesswansoni Rueda-Almonacid et al., 2006

  • Andinobates dorisswansonae Rueda-Almonacid et al., 2006

  • Andinobates fulguritusSilverstone, 1975

  • Andinobates geminisaeBatista et al. 2014

  • Andinobates minutusShreve, 1935

  • Andinobates opisthomelas Boulenger, 1899

  • Andinobates tolimensisBernal et al., 2007

  • Andinobates viridisMyers and Daly, 1976

  • Andinobates virolinensisRuiz-Carranza & Ramirez-Pinilla, 1992

This beautiful genus is rare in the pet market and hard to find and this due to the import limitations and laws  , also its original habitat suffer deforestation 

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