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17- Oelemarie :

Very large morph, whose females can reach a KRL of 70 mm


The coloring and patterning is very variable. The body is black and the yellow pattern is differently pronounced. Some animals are almost completely black with only small yellow dots or stripes, others bear a pronounced yellow head mask and larger yellow patterns on the back.


Young animals show a more or less pronounced blue hindleg coloring, but they grow rapidly and they have a light yellow back with pattern. Adult 'Oelemarie' have only small dark blue spots on the hind legs and most yellow disappears.

D.tinc. 'Oelemarie' (Picture: Ruud Schouten)

Pictures from breeding, Oelemarie 'by Sven Hinden


The pair was legally imported in 2011. The female has three large dots on his head, which glimmer orange, depending on the light. The male carries a bright-yellow head mask.

This large Tinctorius variant produces appropriate tadpoles with optimal feeding, which form their magnificent colors at the final stage of the water phase.


The countrymen vary in color intensity. Some young frogs show lighter yellow on the head, others are deep orange. Unfortunately, the colors are lost quickly and also the body coloring assumes more a dot-and-dot pattern. The blue on the hind legs is reduced to a fine mesh pattern and the initially turquoise shimmering edges disappear.


The last three photos show the same young animals each at a distance of one month.

Offspring at the age of 3 months with a size of already 30 mm (all pictures: Martin Haberkern)

Oelemarie 'biotope :


Pictures from the biotope of D.tinc. 'Oelemarie' by Ruud Schouten

Read here the contribution of Ruud Schouten to the two morphs 'Oelemarie' and 'Oranjegebergte' Oelemarie vs Oranjegebergte


18- Orange grove : 

D.tinc. 'Oranje Gebergte' (Picture Ruud Schouten)

even young animals show the typical coloration

D.tinc. 'Oranje Gebergte' (Picture: Oliver Bartels)

D.tinc. 'Oranje Gebergte' (Picture: Oliver Bartels)

Oranjegebergte 'biotope :


Pictures from the biotope of D.tinc. 'Oranje Gebergte' by Ruud Schouten

19- Patricia : 

D.tinc. 'Patricia' (Picture: Ruud Schouten)

Named after Patricia Grueneberg (President of Vanishing Jewels Inc., Texas), who was friends with an exporter.


Around 1999 the first 'Patricia' were exported to the USA and soon afterwards also to Europe. 


Versatile patterned and variably colored is D.tinctorius 'Patricia'. Here F2 and F3 animals from the breed of Zachbrinks of Josh's Frogs, which even have a light green color and unicoloured legs.

Patricia  biotope :


Pictures from the biotope of D.tinc. 'Patricia' by Ruud Schouten

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Dendrobatidae :

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Madagascar Dart frogs


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