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Further reading :

Poison Dart Frogs Up Close (Zoom in on Animals!) Paperback 

– January, 2012

by Carmen Bredeson  (Author)

Poison Dart Frogs (Success With An Amphibian Pet) Hardcover – November, 1999

by William Samples (Author), Jack Wattley (Author)

 Poison Dart Frogs (Reptile and Amphibian Keeper's Guide) Paperback – August 1, 2003


by R.D. Bartlett (Author), Patricia Bartlett (Author)

Poison Arrow Frogs: Their Natural History & Care in Captivity 

Published 1992, Softcover, 110 pages with various full-colour and line art illustrations.

- Basics: Keeping & Breeding Poison Frogs. The Small Species.

Divossen, H, Frankfurt am Main 2016 
Softcover., 94 pages, 95 colour photos. 

Poison Frogs: Biology, Species & Captive Husbandry 


by Stefan Lotters (Author), Karl-Heinz Jungfer (Author), Friedrich Wilhelm Henkel (Author), Wolfgang Schmidt (Author)

- Guide to Frogs of the Iquitos Region, Amazonian Peru  

Lily O. Rodriguez & William E. Duellman /
Univeristy of Kansas Publications/English/1994

-  Professional Breeders Series: Poison Frogs :

Wolfgang SCHMIDT, F. Wilhelm HENKEL/
Chimaira Frankfurt Am Main/ English Edition/ Second Edition/ August 2008
Hardcover, 166 pages, 190 color photos, several drawings. 

-  Reptiles & Amphibians a Visual Guide: Dendrobatidae 

Published in 2003 Softover
 Extremely rare Japanese publication.  

Faszination Pfeilgiftfrosche by Harald Divossen 

Published in 2006 Hardcover
New offering from one of leading lights in the dartfrog hobby.
Although the text is in German the centrefold section possesses some superb photographs and the taxonomy is up-to-date. 110pp & 121 photographs.


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 South America Dart Frogs -  Species 


Dendrobatidae :

Aromobatidae :

Madagascar Dart frogs


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