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Project Two  :  Outdoor  balcony tropical waterfall

The pool will be in the base and lined by thick liner .. 

Measurement should be taken exactly to fit the frame in the place ..
I forced to Re-open some screws to insert  the wooden frame in this narrow corner in the balcony ..

In this project I will make  a waterfall in the balcony with tropical theme .. 
It is a  narrow corner between two walls..
The type of this waterfall is pondless type .
I will use same polystyrene sheets and pieces attached to the wood frame ..



Structure : 


1- I ordered 4 pieces of 2.4 meter long wood with 2 pieces of 30 cm width ( as you can see in the below photos )  ..

Screws will be used to attach  the wood sheets of the pool with the long wood bars 

Below is the Base of the pool which will hold the liner and then the pump and the soil .
I used a heavy duty angles to hold the heavy weight of soil / water

The pool or the tank 

The terrain of rocks and trunks ..

The upper area will be for water discharge ..

2-Now I cement the external back and the sides with black cement and before that I seal the frame by  silicon ..

3- Liner will be applied .. screws used to fix multi layers of liners 

Screws must be on the top of liner out of water level to avoid any water leaks .. 


All the frane from inside to be lined by liner to avoid any water to  leak .. 

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