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9- I used Great stuff foam ( Which is Aquatic life safe ) to glue the trunks with the polystyrene to the Acrylic back to creat the background ..

Another close view to the drain bulkheads and what is looks like 

6. Background: polystyrene will be used to make the background and Aquatic safe foam will be used to glue the polystyrene ..


I flip  the aquarium to the back for easy working and to avoid the mixture of cement and brown color to go down ,, (Be carefull and protect the bulk heads)

Tip : For more information about the great stuff Click here 


and see the below video :

The drain and the supply pipes fittings is connected to the bulkheads ..

Now I fix the trunks to the  polystyrene sheet by maskin tape 

I took the measure of the these trunks and will be raiseed above the tank ..

8- Thin Ploystyrene sheet will be fixed by Maskin tape 

7- The logs appear interlocked in the top of the plants and will be cut and turned into a basin to look like roots or trunks in water and plants above ..

The leaves will be removed and dry leaves will be used to cover the floors of the vivariums ..

Pond and Waterfall Foam Sealant

Back to our project .. The below is overall photo for the first tank ( from below to above ) .. I made the background only and it is ready now to to apply the PU ( Great Stuff ) and then the cement mixed with brown color .. ( taking in your consideration The weight of the tub should be as light as possible  to be handed over the stand ) 

In the second aquarium  the trunks are placed and will be glued by foam from the bottom .. I put some maskin tape just to stabilize the trunks .. 

 The protective cover is still wrapping the vivariums for more protection during the work because it is easy to scratch and this is one  it's cons ..

The background of the second vivarium is made from other type of plants that refer to it earlier ..

10- PU foam is applied 

just a little of foam are applied just to attach the polystyrene to the aquarium and the plants to the polystyrene ..

The first Aquarium also with PU foam .. 

11- Cement with mostly brown color are applied ..
Then finished by brush with water and sand 
Then  cleaned by water and removing the excessive growth of cement and foam

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