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6-More than 6 pack s of foam used in this huge work .

after one day I start with shaping by using the heat gun , knives and manual removing of the foam and polystyrene .. 

Now time to apply the mixture  of the cement with potting soil ..

Decoration :


1- Discharge pipes will be attached by screws to the walls .. It will be three pipes from the three corners to the top of the waterfall . half inch UPVC pipes will be used .


2- I will use the same method by adding the foam sheet , used polystyrene sheet , any stuff materials that can be light easy to adhesive and to be attached by tape and glue  . 



This container which is used  for the Salt for the marine aquarium will contain the pump 
I drill it to be perforated to let the water come inside the container 
Then the container will be wrapped by net or screen to avoid any soil or debris to come inside and  block the pump ..
Also the container will consist of the valves for the water discharge control ..

This clamps used to attach the pipes to the wall .. it is no problem to use the screws for it as long as it outside the pool or the tank ..

Work done waiting for the next month when I get my salary then I can plant the work .. :-) 

4- Now starting from the top we will install  the polystyrene sheets .. The upper discharge will be like holled pan .. to avoid the view of the pipes discharge ..

Pipe fittings , UPVC cement and the plastic pipe cutter with measure tape will be used to fabricate the pipes 

5- Foam : PU will be applied now , Supports will be used to control and stop excessive expanding ..

I used a fold of chicken wire to create  the external expanding of rock which I want to give sense to be match with surrounding .. I hate the borders like frames .. etc 

The final finishing will be by potting soil with cement and attached bu brush and water ..'

7- Pump chamber : Pump will be mounted in the perforated container and also the valves to control the water flow from the above .. also lights 

3- Lights : I will use the same swimming pool lights which is IP 65 and water resistensce ( you can find it with alot of types and outputs and normally are LED lights type .. 


The lights inside a pieces of PVC pipes and sealed with silicon because the neck of the bulbs should be inside a wall of the swimming poool is also water resistence but I put this for more protection .. 

The location of the Perforated container for the pump .. 

Wires will be run through this side and will be protected lated by some encasment .. 

These two pipes are connected with one pipe to one valve to control .. Of course you can put two valves but due to the limited spaces I forced to put only two valves for the three pipes ..

 Union for easy dismantle 

Pump inside ..

All these surrounding areas will be filled by hydrostone ( Hydro Clay Pebbles (Leca Stones) ) and plants ..

8- Just some painting , finishing with brown color .. Using long brushes I can reach some corners and grooves .. 

Natural long trunks added 

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