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2- Gonocephalus bornensis - Borneo anglehead lizard:

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Gonocephalus bornensis, the Borneo anglehead lizard or Borneo forest dragon, is an agamid lizard endemic to Borneo in Indonesia and Malaysia, and known from Sabah, Kinabalu, Brunei, Sarawak and Kalimantan.[1][2]

Gonocephalus bornensis

male in Danum Valley Conservation Area, Sabah, Borneo

Distribution :


Is endemic to Sabah in Borneo. Found commonly in Mt. Kinabalu, Poring hot springs and Kiau 


Ecology and Natural History :


Found in primary and secondary rainforests up to 700 m a.s.l. Arboreal in habit, they live in tree trunks and on lianas often near streams. They deposit eggs in a small burrow dug on soil. Up to four eggs (length 22 mm each) are laid per clutch at intervals of three months.[2]

Lateral profile of head in threat display

Scientific classification :








Species:G. bornensis

Binomial name :

Gonocephalus bornensis
(Schlegel 1848)

Description :


Moderately long (SVL up to 136 mm). Males generally larger than females (SVL= 118-136 vs. 90–130 mm; Tail Length=261-310 vs. 215–275 mm). Circular border on supercilium. Tympanum rather small. Weakly granular dorsum with a prominent lanceolate crest starting on neck and terminating on lower back. Tail is almost cylindrical.[2]


Sub-adult males are generally brown, olive and green on dorsum with laterals, often with dark reticulations. Adult males are predominantly male with indistinct reticulation. Iris deep brown or light blue. Females rust red dorolaterally with oval spots formed from reticulations on the sides of body.[2]

Video : 

Bornean Angle Headed Lizard

Borneo Anglehead Lizard

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Family : Agamidae 
Species : Gonocephalus borneensis 
Size (snout to vent) : up to 13 cm 
Size (total length) : up to 40 cm

The Borneo Anglehead Lizard inhabits lowland primary rainforest below 700 metres elevation. On Mount Kinabalu, in the northeast of Borneo, it can occur at somewhat higher elevations.


Males of the species are brownish in colour with pale flecks, and are paler ventrally. They possess an unmistakable and well developed comb-like crest of spines which extends along the vertebral line from the neck to the base of the tail. 


Females are green or brownish with a complex pattern of rounded cell-like blotches separated by dark grey. The crest is much reduced in females. In both sexes the throat pouch is pale. 


The tail is more than twice the length of the body, and in both sexes irregular banding is present on the anterior part of the tail.

Typically the species is to be found in the forest shade, resting quietly on the trunks of saplings or lianas.


The Borneo Anglehead Lizard occurs only on the island of Borneo.



Figs 1 and 2 : Female photographed at Danum Valley, Sabah, Borneo.

Videos :

Fig 3 : Resting quietly on a sapling in lowland forest.

Borneo Forest Dragon, Mulu NP, Malaysia. 

Borneo Forest Dragon, Mulu NP, Malaysia. 

Borneo Forest Dragon, Mulu NP, Malaysia. 

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