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The finished work ..

Project Three : Temporary tortoises vivarium

In this vivarium We will build similar tropical to the previous vivariums ..

You can see other project for more information : 

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2015 projects :

1-  Mutiple bugs vivariums ..

2- Acrylic Vivarium


In August 2015 I was in a process to import 4 Pancake tortoises from Tanzania and before it's arraived I need to build a temporary vivarium for them .. 


here is the steps :

1- I previously  ordered some wood shelves for my library .. but not used So I decided to use it as a wood vivarium ..
The lighting will be hangined from outside by UPVC pipes ..
The lighting hood is for chandelier  .. cheap and changed the bulbs to be one UV and other for basking ..


Below the materials that we will used 

My Screw driver ..


the front side will be with glass 

Screws for wood ..

Clips for PVC pipes for the hinged lighting


My Table top saw ..

2-Making the structure : the wood structure like other projects that I did like a wood box with front glass window .. 

this project is back to 2015 in summer .. exactely in the end of July when my tortoises will be shipped and I need this vivarium urgentelly .. actually I did it with just two days !! 


Nowdays I cover all my vivariums with plastic cover or liner to protect wood from moisture .. But here is quite dry and I need to mimck the dry hountain rock boitope for these tortoises .. 

Support wood 

The back side .. here because the fiber wood sheet is small  , I closed  this gap with cicken wire .. 

The rail will be installed by screws on the both sides 
When you order the glass sheet be sure to fit with the exact dimensions

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