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Decoration :


1-  Foam , Polystyrene and glue used to establish the terrain and caves .

3- You can add more decoration by add some trunks and sticks or roots , Also small diameters cork bark trunks or sheet ..

Cement colors , water mixing pots .. etc 

A piece of polystyrene  installed in front of light to hide the direct light   to the eyes and to hide glare when you photo the insects inside ..

Maskin tape here to protect this areas for the rack and acrylic windows ..

2- I used mixture of cement with potting soil and cement colors .. usually to reflect the forest ground  or the desert .. you can use a multiplie degrees of cement colors ranging from black to brown to yellow .. you can add more color or reduce it .. you can use brushes to paint the color  after cement .. Also you can use cement and sand mixtures .. and So on ..
If it is your first time try to practice before that and try to use different brushes  in external used polystyrene  , wood or any waste boards .. 

Because of the cement mixture with water .. You will  realise that some water may be affect the wood .. You can isolate the wood by liner 

More photos : 

After one day everything is dry the light is hidden Really satisfied with the work ..  ;-)

As you can see above the work is finnished .. Rack and acrylic sheet is added for the windows .

Ventilation tiny holes 

Dead leaves add some naturalistic effect 

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