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Project Four : Beetles Zoo :


I really amazed with these creatures .. So I mport from Taiwan alot of species 

Then I decided to install ashelf with small vivariums for them ..


Here the details :

- Because I used Adhesive Acryfix 192 R - this one required a UV - it must be atleast 15 minutues - You can also use any other type of lighting but will need more time 


- The Acrylic sheet was 4 mm - but it is better to be 6 mm for more strength

In this vivarium We will build similar tropical to the previous vivariums ..

You can see other project for more information : 

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2017 projects 

2015 projects :

1-  Mutiple bugs vivariums ..

2- Acrylic Vivarium


1- The shelves of the stand is ready made and low cost aluminium type one 
but the vivariums is all made from acrylic sheets clear 4 mm ( I did mistake here it is better to be from 6 mm crylic sheets ) 
I cut the sheet in one local acrylic supplier 
all the tanks around 33 to 35 cm width x hieght x depth  ..
It can vary as per your requirements ..

I used my Dremel tool to made some holes for breathing .. 

As I mentioned before the acrylic enclosure made by myself , I ordered the sheet only . Using Acrylic speciall adhesive like Weldon 4 or acryfix .. 

Be sure to number the acrylic sheet 

Also you must made a plan for every tank and it's location on the frame ..

First I made the holes - then I attached the sheets by Makin tape - Then I apply the adhesive .. Read carfully the instruction on the adhesive and how to use it and the safety measures ..

Here I used maskin tape to label where I will make the holes and better marking to keep the acrylic clean also .. 

Try to apply all the Adhesive just one time 

Prepare the tanks then install and switch one the lights 

All tanks must be clean 

Wear a gloves ..


2-The frame is not Costly and it is light weight because the tanks also light weight - So you can use any  frame cary the tank..

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