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1-  low voltage above ground lights  :


- Alpine Clear Pond Lights


Alpine Pond Lighting can be used above or below water. Lights come with clear lenses only and include stakes for garden lighting (or bases for underwater lighting). Lights do not come with transformers.


For the other models available  :

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Ponds lights : Types & examples :


1- The 3 Different Types of Garden Pond Lighting Ideas

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Adding lighting to a pond creates another dimension to a garden’s ambiance at night. Even though lighting doesn’t provide any real benefits to the fishes, they allow you to see what they are up to when the sun goes down. There are a number of areas where lights can be placed to decorate and light up a pond. Here we will go over the three general areas, specific garden pond lighting ideas and also the different types of lights.



Lighting Types – Halogen and LED


The pond lighting ideas outlined below can come in two different bulb types, Halogen and LED. The most common pond lights are low voltage 12 volt halogen lamps. These are inexpensive lights that only come as white bulbs (colored lenses are included with some pond lighting kits). Halogen light bulbs do give off a lot of heat, and consume a lot of energy, making them have a short life span. LED pond lighting is an alternative, which is becoming more and more popular. These are eco friendly lights that have a much longer life span than halogen bulbs. Because they use much less energy, they give off less heat which is ideal for lighting small ponds. Unlike halogens, the LED light bulbs themselves can come in a range of colors. There are also LED pond lights that are preprogrammed to fade to different colors.


The 3 Types of Pond Lighting Ideas


When it comes to deciding which lighting ideas are best for your pond, you will want to decide if you want to create soft and subtle lighting or turn your pond into a garden feature by adding more light fixtures. Do you want to see the whole pond at night or just light certain areas and see glimpses of fish as they swim by – creating a more mysterious and enchanting pond at night.


There are three types of pond lighting ideas:


1-Underwater lighting

2-Above water lighting

3-Perimeter lighting



1-Underwater lighting :



1- Oase pond lights :


Oase LED submersible lighting systems for all applications, from small ponds and water features to larger ponds, lakes, water features and commercial fountain projects. All Oase underwater lights are angle adjustable and all are supplied with mounting options. Lunaqua 3 halogen and LED and Lunaqua Classic spotlights are ideal for garden, pond and feature illumination. Lunaqua Maxi spotlights are perfect for focused spotlighting of garden or underwater features. Lunaqua 10 and Profilux lights are well suited to larger ponds, lakes and water features or commercial fountains where more intense lighting is required.


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Another way of adding lighting to a pond is to add lights that sit above the water. Floating pond lights are an elegant lighting fixture to add. These can come as low voltage or solar powered versions. Floating solar lights are a lot easier and cheaper to install, and will automatically come on as it gets dark. These lights generally have the bulb above the water and will wash the surface of the pond with light. There are floating lights that have the bulb on the bottom so the light points down into the pond. This acts as moon lighting, lighting the pond and the fishes from above. Using floating lights along with underwater lights will create soft and subtle lighting for a pond.

3- Submersible LED Pond Lights :


These underwater LED pond lights are perfect for your pond and landscape lighting needs.


These lights are completely sealed from water and come with a five year warranty! These are the best LED submersible lights in the industry for ponds, fountains, pondless waterfalls and landscapes.


All lights include easy-to-install two pin connection fitting. These connections make installing your new LED lights very easy. Additional lights can then be added to your light system using the three or six way connector. Click on the illustration to the right to see a enlarged photo of how these lights can be interconnected.


The three LED light pond and landscape lighting kit comes with everything that you will need: Three pre-wired lights, transformer and photo eye timer. You can also choose your own light assembly by selecting the items individually.


Your existing pond lights are either flooded with water or not working, so its time to replace them with low wattage, long-lasting underwater pond lights.


Watch the "how to install underwater koi pond lights"video below to see how easy it is to install new lights into your koi pond.

2- Above Pond Lighting :

Underwater lights are the most common lights in creating a well lit pond at night. These are low voltage electrical lights. Usually 35 to 75 watts, the deeper the pond the higher the wattage needed.


The most popular types are kits that contain 1 or 3 lamps that you stake to the bottom of the pond. Another option is to have recessed lights fitted into the bedrock underwater (much like swimming pool lighting).


There are also lights that are fitted into a rock shaped encasing, that blends in with the rest of the pond. These are low voltage lights that are submerged underwater.


Most underwater lights are used for general lighting – they wash a general area of the pond with light. However, there are spotlights that can be used underwater. These are used to provide more focused and localized lighting, highlighting a certain spot underwater, whether that is a rock bed, an underwater statue, etc.

Underwater recessed pond lights

Left: General underwater pond light Right: Underwater spotlight

floating waterproof solar colorful garden big round moonlight from Solar Light Balls For Pool, Bring it along when buying drapes or some other designing componentsscreenshot received from:

Floating solar pond lights

Sometimes called Landscape Lights :


Landscape lights are the third type of lighting to make your garden pond and waterfall features shine at night. This type of lighting can be used to frame the borders of your pond and to accent certain plants or features such as rocks or trees. If you don’t light your pond waterfall from behind, spot lighting it from the front creates a nice shimmering effect. If you have any paths around your pond or your backyard in general, it’s always a good idea to make sure the path is well lit for safe walking. Like floating and submersible lights, landscape lights are also available as solar lights so no wiring or electricity is needed.


Installing pond lighting is a natural extension of the decision to build the pond in the first place. A lighted pond is certainly beautiful at night and provides a way to enjoy your water garden at all hours. Safety concerns must be paramount and where electrical work is required, unless you are absolutely confident that you have all the requisite knowledge necessary to complete the work, a professional must be called.  This concern is greatly alleviated to the extent solar powered pond lights can be used. Prices and availability for low voltage and solar powered pond lights 

Alpine Luminosity Power Beam LED Garden and Underwater Light Kit

Alpine Clear Pond Lights

Alpine Color Changing LED Pond Light

Alpine Luminosity Power Beam LED Spot Light

Alpine Luminosity Power Beam LED Color Changing Light

2- Floating Pond Lights - Set of 3 w/ Transformer :



- Three Floating Globe Lights


Set of 3 lights. Enhance the look of your pond with these floating pond lights!
For a fascinating and decorative effect, these lights can be used both in the pond, and as a garden light.
The spheres are made of shatter proof materials that are weather and temperature resistant.
Draw attention to the beauty of your pond. Enhances night glowing of fish and plants.
Low Voltage. Can be used both in the pond, and as a garden light.


Each Globe is 8"D




  • Three 8" Diameter globes

  • Outdoor Transformer

  • 29 Foot cord with 13 foot between the globes

Colored Set of Lights for MAC102, Red,Blue Green :


- Three Color Changing Lenses :


Set of 3 lights. Enhance the look of your pond with these floating pond lights! For a fascinating and decorative effect, these lights can be used both in the pond, and as a garden light. The spheres are made of shatter proof materials that are weather and temperature resistant. Draw attention to the beauty of your pond. Enhances night glowing of fish and plants. Can be used both in the pond, and as a garden light.


Each Globe is 8"D




  • Three 8" Diameter colored globes


Velda Floating Solar Light :


The following options are available from Aquacadabra:

  • Velda 20cm Floating Solar Light

  • Velda 25cm Floating Solar Light

  • Velda 30cm Floating Solar Light

Key Features:

  • Energy Efficient LED Lights

  • Solar Powered

  • 7 Colours

  • Adjustable Colour & Brightness via Remote Control

  • Suitable for the Garden or Pond

  • Ground Peg Included



The Velda Floating Solar Light Balls make a visually interesting and unique feature to the garden and pond, adding a delightful ambient glow in a variety of different colours.

Using LED lights and being powered by solar energy, these Light Balls are a very energy efficient way of adding colourful lighting to your pond and garden. In the evening as they float along on the pond, they create a delightful atmosphere and a fascinating focal point in the garden. The Velda Floating Solar Light Balls come in 3 sizes (Small, Medium and Large), and all feature a ground peg which gives you the alternative option of using them around the garden, whether that is along a path edge or in flower beds.

The colour and brightness can be adjusted via a remote control, and being solar powered they require no additional power supply.




  • Small: Ø 20cm

  • Medium: Ø 25cm

  • Large: Ø 30cm

  • Each Size Includes a Ground Peg and Remote Control.

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Solar Floating Pool Ball Light Solar Floating Pool Ball Light from Solar Light Balls For Pool, Take it together with you when searching for curtains or another decorating componentsimpression via from:

Floating Solar LED Light Ball for Outdoor Pool and Pond decoration from Solar Light Balls For Pool, Bring it with you when searching for drapes or another beautifying materials downloaded from:


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Amazon EVELTEK Solar floating pool light Solar Powered LED from Solar Light Balls For Pool, Take it with you when searching for window curtains or some other decorating suppliesimpression got from:

Best Floating pool lights ideas on Pinterest from Solar Light Balls For Pool, Bring it along when looking for curtains or any other decorating resourcesimage downloaded from:

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Another above pond lighting idea is fountain lighting. If you have, or are planning on installing a fountain that aerates the water, spurting water up into the air, lights can be installed at the base. The lights are pointed up onto the shooting water, illuminating and even changing the color of the water (with the use of lenses or colored LED lights). This creates a colorful water display.


Perimeter Lighting :


Lighting the perimeter of the pond adds to the visual display of the pond and also to the safety. Outlining the perimeter of the pond helps in navigating around it at night. There are a number of perimeter lighting ideas.


Simple perimeter lighting ideas would include solar lights. These can come in rock shapes to blend in with the landscape, or solar stake lights that are planted into the soil around the pond. Recessed lights can be installed into the ground and rock bed above the water (either as solar powered or low voltage).

Spotlights shining from above are ideal for larger ponds. These can be attached to a wall or the rock bed, and can shine down onto a particular area or feature in or around the pond. A small waterfall, where the water simply cascades down over a small rock bed and ventilates the pond, can be lit up with simple above ground or even underwater spotlights – turning the waterfall into a feature of the pond.

Lights attached to the base of a fountain

Videos : 

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