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Water gardens , Ponds  & water features books & Magazines :

A list of the best books , magazines and other publications .. 

Many  books you can find in the  Internet based libraries and bookshops like ( Click Here ) ..


But first look for the best prices at Book 




Creating Water Gardens 1st Edition


by Ortho (Author)

- Plants For Water Gardens: The Complete Guide To Aquatic Plants Paperback – December 31, 1999


by Helen Nash (Author),‎ Steve Stroupe (Author),‎ Perry Slocam (Photographer),‎ Bob Romar (Photographer)

The Water Garden Design Book Hardcover – August 1, 2001


by Yvonne Rees  (Author),‎ Peter May (Author)

Smart Guide®: Ponds, Fountains & Waterfalls (Landscaping) Paperback – December 2, 2009


by Editors of Creative Homeowner (Author),‎ Landscaping ....

Gardens of the Alhambra Hardcover – March 22, 2018


by Maria del Mar Villafranca-Jiménez (Author),‎ Juan Domingo-Santos (Author),‎ William Curtis (Author),‎ Alvaro Siza (Author)

Indoor Water Garden (Water Garden Handbooks)

by Philip Swindells - Publisher:Interpet Publishing, 2002


- Koi Magazine :

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