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Mantella aurantiaca and 10g enclosure

18" cube vivarium build and 10g mantella crocea tank

Mantella aurantiaca setup

Golden mantella (Mantella aurantiaca) eating fruit flies

- Breeding : 

- Vivariums & setups :

Mantellas as Pets

Habitat of Mantella Aurantiaca 8 ( Torotorofotsy)

Habitat of Mantella Aurantiaca 2 ( Torotorofotsy)

Habitat of Mantella Aurantiaca 3 ( Torotorofotsy)


For other parts of this srries please follow here : serge pasquasy

Mantella aurantiaca wrestling

Golden mantella (Mantella aurantiaca)

How to care for Golden Mantella

Golden Mantella spawn movement

Golden Mantella tadpoles day 12

M. Aurantiaca (Golden Mantella Tadpoles)

Madagascar Dart frogs


Aromobatidae :

 South America Dart Frogs -  Species 


Dendrobatidae :

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