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29-Bio Pekllets Reactor :
Due to the Sump is small not enough for the two tanks .. I need to Install Bio pellets to help the Live rock to convert Nitrate to Nitrogen gas .. then to speed up the Nitrogen cycle ..
I Ordered another Reactor from Vertex , Also the Vertex Bio Pellets ..

The Bio pellets .. need to stay over the night in the RO water .. also I used 2 litre size reactor .. 
Based on Asif advise ( Under the Sea Owner ) .. Thank you .. you are great man
I ordered 500 ml of Bio pellets .. But as the instruction need to be added in portions ..


The reactor need a power head .. I install it successfully the bio pellets is tumbling inside !! with - I think good motion ..

30- water Test : 

31 - KESSIL @ WORK : From Under the I get the Kessil Lighting.. I will Install two in the blow tank and one with goose neck .. I wait for more than two months to get the spectral controller :

In every Kessil Light Carton you will find : 
Control wire similar to the head phone set ? 
Adapter , Extension cable from adapter to the light .
Kessil A360 W light 
Hanging tool which I not use it 


The below tank as I said before will be with two Kessil because it is very limited space, can’t put the goose neck , So I install a small cylindrical wood ( Bought it from ACE ) ( In the installation manual come with kessil said to be install on Wood or ceramic need at least 10 inches surrounding the light fixture for ventilation ? but these impossible to me to make it here ., Even the light to be one to two feet from the top of the tank .. This possible for the upper tank

Kessil spectral controller came in size of any smart phone with wall mounted attachment, charger and the devise itself is magnate can attached on the metal ?!

For the upper tank : Goose neck : 
Firstly I put it in the side of the upper tank Until I glue a piece of acrylic on the center of the back side of the upper tank .

32- I Install the Wave Maker ( Hydor brand – Four units with controller – Type KORALLIA 5600 ) from Under the Sea ( By the way this website and the owner is very great and I thank God to let me know him .. good discounts free advises …. Etc ) .

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My Marine Aquarium 26 01 2015

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