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Now I am starting to collect the Water , I purchase my salt from Primer pets , I will mix step by step ( In Container outside the tank ) and add it to the tanks , starting from the sump , also I will start cycle without lighting and with live and dead rock ( I have around 70 to 90 kg of dead rock ) .. 


Now I will update with what happen to my project for the last two weeks:

19- I connect the new adapters that I ordered from Marine Depot Successfully as you can see in these coming two pictures.

28 - In the last 10 days I make the doors and side cover which all come from Acrylic sheet white color ..
Firstly the tools that I used ..
Also the Electric ports .. Also you can see the Bi-door folds ..

20- Due to the size of the skimmer, I will sift the protein skimmer to the middle of the tank, and then I need to make a bubble chamber to tarp the bubbles before the return pump.

21- Water inlet to the tank will be divided into several jets to insure absence of the wave maker which I dislike it.

22- Loc – In : it is a trade mark for these type of water inlet I ordered some of them with tool to make these flexible pipes as per the desire .

23-This is the Protein Skimmer will be :

24- This What I name it Pre Landscape: the upper tank will be with cave or bridge..
Photos for the lower tank :

26- Sand : The bed of each tank will be Aragonite type sand or material , I will use two type :
- For the upper tank: will be brown from Seachem .
- The lower tank from Caribsea . 
- Also One wet from Carbsea live with bacteria (Arag Alive ) .

26- Protein Skimmer at work : 
Here some pictures for the skimmer at test work. Firstly it is hard to control due to the depth of my skimmer, so it is need to rise to be with recommendation distance as per the instruction which is 10 inches or 25 cm.. I put temporary plastic one inches frame to check the height.. It is work good with easy control .and very fine bubbles..

27- Phosphate Reactor : 
I ordered one Also from Under the sea and also Vertex ( 2 liters size ) with Ultra Phose material .. I follow the instructions and also some discussion with Under the sea, the material ( Ultra Phose ) the material need to rinse good and to put in the bottom of the reactor – No need for the sponge in the bottom just one up .. Also I put only 50 to 65 % of the material and I will add more after 5 days as the instruction in the pack ..Pump or Power head capacity also Should met the instruction ..

Filling the water :

I search for these bi fold in the internet the Bi folds which is suitable work with chain I used and can fix properly .. I find it in AMAZON and Order it on-line

Also I ordered the Plastic Bolts and nuts for this purpose .. It will be used to connect the door with fold to also White colour .. I order it from eBay ..

I fix the doors with folds and to main frame .. 
Also the Electric ports to one side .. to avoid any overheat which can damage the acrylic port I raise the electric ports with some pieces of Acrylic .. as shown below


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