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Pet Lizard Care : How to Care for a Jones Armadillo Lizard

Giant Girdled Lizards

The Armadillo Lizard

Sungazers: Cordylus Giganteus

sunzagor eats a mice (Cordylus giganteus)

Cordylus giganteus

Sungazers Cordylus giganteus

Tentang Kadal Berduri,Sungazer ( Cordylus giganteus )

Riesen-Gürtelschweif (Cordylus giganteus) - Giant Girdled Lizard - Haus des Meeres

Cordylus/Smaug giganteus

Jättiläisvyölisko | Cordylus giganteus @Finland

Male Smaug/Cordylus Giganteus walking like a boss



             1- Genus Cordylus  - girdled or Armadillo lizard

             2- Genus Chamaesaura - Grass lizards

             3- Genus Platysaurus - Flat lizards

             4- Genus Pseudocordylus   


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