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Vivarium & Terrarium Photo Gallery ..

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Room Vivarium :
The complete room or any space larger than 3 to 4 meter cube we name it a room vivarium which will be dedicated for the large creatures which require an ample  space to live and move .. 
Below is an example of big or room vivarium project :

New idea for desert / Mountain or rock vivarium with cave .. 

Another Idea : 

 Table Vivarium is a rented idea from table aquarium as below :

Below is a sketch done by computer using the sketch up - Online free software from Google ..

You need to consider the animal requirement to design the vivarium to be tall , wide or screen type .. So it is very important to study the animal requirements .. 

Below is a good combination and matching between the real wood and the   artificial rock texture ..

Large Background for a room vivarium .. 

The Idea below is using the real slate rock in the vivariums .. 

The Outdoor Vivarium : is a fresh idea .. not commonly seen .. but you can do it if you live in moderate outdoor  weather conditions ..

Lighting can be done - Not from the top only - but from multi levels inside the vivarium .. 

Ideas : creative and inspirational  1  >  2  .. .. 

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