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Art named after the Latin torquatus = 'with a necklace' referring to the collar around the neck, best visible on the males. The animals – among other types – are often sold commercially as Platysaurus janssoni (a non-existent species). Platysaurus torquatus is the only species in the complex where the males keep their bright central stripe on the back into adulthood. The breast is yellow or orange and blue towards the belly. The animals are rapid sprinters and jumpers, really easy to keep, but quite shy. As it is with all flat lizards there is no decent literature about captive care available.



Adult Size
to 16 cm

about twelve years

northeastern Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi

temperate savannah, rocky areas usually near water courses


Captive Care
Cage of at least 100x50x60 cm WDH. The animals use the height, if appropriate structures are provided. Offer lots of rocks and crevices, keep at least one of them wet, for example by introducing sphagnum moss. Temperature 22–26 °C, 40 °C at a hot spot, at night 18–20 ° C, humidity 50–60%. Daylight fluorescent lamps or LEDs, HQL or HQI spot, water bowl, food bowl for worms etc., substrate of sand and clay mix or turf.

Invertebrates and larvae, always enrich with vitamins and minerals (z. B. Herpetal Complete)

Reproduction / Breeding
With enough space even large groups possible. Sufficient hiding places and structure help to get a group working. Cooler phase (2 months at 15–16 ° C). Females lay two or more clutches between rocks in the summer, each with only two eggs. Without a wet crevice these dry out quickly. Raise juveniles separately with much UV light.


Literature / Literatur
Branch, B. (1998). Field Guid to the Snakes and other Reptiles of Southern Africa. Struik, Capetown.
Branch, B. (2001). A Photographic Guide to the Snakes and other Reptiles of Southern Africa. Struik, Capetown.
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6- Other species :  

-  The Dwarf Flat Lizard ( Platysaurus guttatus ) :

-  The Lebombo flat lizard (Platysaurus lebomboensis) :

-  The Waterberg flat lizard (Platysaurus minor) :

-  Mitchell's flat lizard (Platysaurus mitchelli ) :

-  The Pungwe Flat Lizard ( Platysaurus pungweensis ) :

Platysaurus torquatus baby (2015)

-  Platysaurus torquatus, the striped flat lizard :

Video : 

Platysaurus torquatus – PETERS, 1879


Collared Flat Lizard



             1- Genus Cordylus  - girdled or Armadillo lizard

             2- Genus Chamaesaura - Grass lizards

             3- Genus Platysaurus - Flat lizards

             4- Genus Pseudocordylus   


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